Who is Sarah Fearon?


images     Sarah graduated from the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan and New York University, Gallatin Division, aka the “University without Walls.” She has worked as an actress, stunt person, stand-up comic, and producer. Some feature film credits include The Departed, Reversal of Fortune, Liebestraum and Dancing in September. Sarah has done stand-up comedy at Gotham, Metropolitan Room, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, and Stand Up New York.  She has a great love of New York City and has recently rented and sold property from the Cloisters to Greenwich Village with The Corcoran Group.


And your passions are?


     Mission of Mermaids by Sue Rockefeller, which is a film, environmental group and jewelry line advocating for clean ocean awareness.  I’ve been an ambassador for the group, taking the film to Washington D.C. for the Environmental Film Festival, the Hamptons Film Festival, the Coney Island Film Festival, and marching in the Mermaid Parade.  


     And enjoying the ocean as a surfer or on a stand-up paddleboard.


What are you working on at the moment? 


SNAZZY 1     Merging the world of art and real estate gave life to my wild and zany character Snazzy Peabody who sells everything: The Highline, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. There are rumors that a Snazzy film is underway with director/editor Lizzie Donahue.


Do you have upcoming events you would like people to attend?


   I’ll be at the Metropolitan Room, 34 W 22nd St, NYC, March 1, 9:30 or call 212 206-0440. Tell them Sarah Fearon sent you. 


What are five things you can’t live without?


     Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee and oh, yeah, COFFEE.          


Your favorite quote at the moment and why?


     “Art is a lie that makes us recognize the truth.” My high school teacher Anthony Abeson used to say it was Picasso who said it.  Artists go to great lengths to create these lies that bring us back to simple truths.


 If you had the opportunity to ask someone when you were starting out for advice what would you have asked?


 sarah at Hamptons Film Festival    I would have asked, “How do I develop my own definition of success?”


If you could dream about trying out something you haven’t tried out in the arts yet, what would?


     I dreamed about taking tap dance lessons and guess what, I just finished lesson number three. There’s a lot of joy to be found in dance, particularly tap dance.


     Oh, here’s another quote: “Do you know how old I’ll be by the time I learn to play the piano? The same age I’ll be if I don’t!”  Next stop Ukelele lessons…


What was the best gift that someone gave you that inspired or facilitated an interest in your art.


     For me, it was tickets to great shows in NYC when I was growing up. 


Youtube: Snazzy Peabody Sells the High Line

Facebook: Sarah Fearon

Mission of Mermaids 


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