Aedin Moloney
Aedin Moloney

I had the pleasure of attending a production of Airswimming at the Irish Repertory Theatre in New York City last night. The play, written by Charlotte Jones, is a Fallen Angel Theatre Company production presented in association with the Irish Repertory Theatre and co-starring Aedin Moloney and Rachel Pickup. The production is the brainchild and creation of its director John Keating and its producer, Aedin Moloney.


Aedin  and Rachel, who co-starred in the Irish Rep’s highly acclaimed production of Dancing at Lughnasa, once again bring their great chemistry to the stage and provide the audience with a wonderful evening of theatre. The play, based on the true story of two women who have been incarcerated in a hospital for the “criminally insane” for having borne illegitimate children, closes next weekend.


If you have an opportunity to get to the theatre this week, I highly recommend Airswimming. I must add, not only are my friends Aedin and Rachel brilliant actresses, but they are very vocal and supportive of other artists in the community and most deserving of our support.

Rachel Pickup
Rachel Pickup


A few snippets from recent reviews:


“As Dora, the no nonsense lifer who alternates between hope of escape and despair that it will never happen, actress Aedin Moloney inhabits the role so completely that her character leaps to life from the opening scene.”


“The chemistry between Moloney and Pickup is excellent. The two actresses connect on a deep level of understanding that is completely necessary in order to pull off a believable friendship developed for half a century.”


“Pickup…charismatic…does a spot-on impression of Doris Day.”


“Moloney is excellent as Dora, lending the character a type of no-nonsense masculinity with deadpan line deliveries and stiff posture.”


Here’s where you need to go for tickets: