Two friends and supporters of Artists Without Walls will be performing in New York City this weekend. Tonight, January 10th, Sanem Ozdural, will be reading from her debut novel, LiGa at Bluestockings, a bookstore located at 172 Allen Street.



Imagine a world where a select few can manipulate their own cellular degeneration to become effectively immortal. Imagine that membership in this elite is gained through a game. Imagine the impact on society, and on those who lose. In her debut novel, “LiGa™,” Sanem Ozdural examines the players’ motivation and the implications in this world that hits uncomfortably close to home.



Sanem Ozdural was born in Ankara, Turkey in the 70s, and spent her childhood from age seven onwards in England.  She made her way to the U.S. and studied economics at Princeton University.  After graduating from Boston University School of Law, she moved to New Orleans where she practiced as a prosecutor and civil litigator. In 2004 she migrated from New Orleans via Washington, D.C., reaching New York City in 2006, where she still lives and practices law.  Sanem was an avid bridge player until, as she says, “the tenth round of revisions to her debut novel.” LiGa is also available at Amazon. 



Actor/writer Joanna Rush is appearing in a one-woman play “Asking For It” Saturday and Sunday at the Shetler Theatre,  244, West 54th Street.  Enjoy 20 minutes of “Asking  For It,” Saturday at 3 & 6 and Sunday at 3 and 7. You can reserve your free seat by emailing or call Kate at 212 398-7180. 


“Asking For It,” follows one woman’s hysterical and heart-breaking journey from “Outstanding Catholic Youth of the Year” to the stage of Radio City Music Hall and the cast of “A Chorus Line”


Tap dancing her way through rape, rehab, and wrecked relationships, “Asking for It” is a joyful kaleidoscope of faith and femininity, sexual repression and spiritual awakening.


Joanna portrays a colorful cast of characters ranging from uptight clerics to sexy chorines, and growing boys of all ages.


Hilarious, irreverent and moving, Joanna Rush’s “Asking for It” leaves audiences – male and female, of all ages – invigorated and inspired


Joanna has appeared in numerous Broadway and off-Broadway productions. She has appeared on stage with Charles Durning and Maria Tomei and in film with Joan Collins and Farrah Fawcett.


Joanna’s book, Asking For It: A Rockette’s Tale is available at Amazon.