“Artists Without Walls creates the space—literally and figuratively—for artists of all stripes to be their best selves, to push boundaries, to experiment, to collaborate in a safe, nurturing environment.” Connie Roberts, poet and author of Little Witness.


12004851_925585547501924_8908813288792632632_nSinger/songwriter Terry McCarthy got the evening got off to rocking start. Performing solo for the first time at The Cell, Terry opened the show with two songs from his latest CD The Charm, and followed those with two tunes from his new EP Go Fourth.  We’re looking forward to Terry’s upcoming show, Words in Music: An Artists Without Walls Presentation at The Cell Theatre, Nov 15th, which will feature a number of AWoW’s members, including Jack O’Connell, Connie Roberts, Noah Hoffeld, Liv Mammone and Cecil Hooker. 


Kathleen Frazier read from her recently released memoir, SLEEPWALKER: The Mysterious Makings and Recovery of a Somnambulist accompanied by cellist and vocalist Serena Jost. Their collaboration was hauntingly beautiful and emotionally stirring. Kathleen is a Norman Mailer Fellow, member of The Actors Studio and envisions a reality show in which Serena plays alongside her day and night:) For more on her memoir visit and for more on Serena’s otherworldly music:


SONY DSCMaeve Price debuted a very charming performance piece based on a singing engagement at Maple Grove Cemetery. Looking splendid in her very own civil war era dress, she regaled a delighted AWoW audience with a pithy and charming true tale that included music blowing in a ghostly wind, a chat over champagne with Frederick Douglass and a cameo appearance by a local Raccoon. Clearly everything that could have gone wrong at this gig, did go wrong – but Maeve lived to tell the tale with a little singing and a dash of graveyard humor! Connie Roberts summed up Maeve’s performance perfectly, “H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Brilliant Maeve.”

SONY DSCJim Hawkins brought to life the wit, humor and wisdom of Frank O’Connor’s story, “My First Confession.” He built layers of humor clearly segueing through the plots of the story and the characters as they were introduced. He demonstrated his acting skills bringing to life the characters with a variety of facial expressions and vocal intonations. There were moments in Jim’s telling when the audience were in howls of laughter.  Great showcase Tuesday night. Mark Donnelly commented, “Wonderful performance! And Jim even got me examining my conscience about Bad Confessions I’d made, oh so many years ago.” 


SONY DSCBrian Carbee is a choreographer, dancer, writer & performer who began his dance career in Cambridge, and has since performed all over the world. Brian performed a scene from a play he and Sarah Carradine wrote called Perch, in which Perch answers an ad to watch over Susan while she sleeps, and arrives dressed as an owl. Of Brian’s performance, Richard Stillman said, “His sense of mimetic movement was impeccable.” Perfect description. 


SONY DSCFlutist Sean Schulich heralded in Autumn with the opening few notes from Johnny Mercer’s “Autumn Leaves.”  The audience at times was enraptured and at others hypnotized by the Sean’s fluid sounds, which were the perfect denouement to an evening filled with performance art, singer-songwriter music and theatrical scenes. Sean will be appearing at Carnegie Hall, Sunday, Nov. 1st as part of the The Phantom and the Illharmonic Orchestra.  


The next Artists Without Walls’ Showcase at The Cell Theatre will be on October 27. 


Photos by David Goldman. 


“Performing at Artists Without Walls is a deep privilege and a pleasure. To appear as part of a lineup of such talented artists is simultaneously thrilling and humbling. I always leave AWoW with a soaring spirit, full of gratitude for the gifts of my fellow artists, and newly energized and encouraged in my own work. Mille Grazie to Charles Hale and Niamh Hyland for creating this warm, welcoming community.” Angela Alaimo O’Donnell, poet/author



Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins

Jim Hawkins has spent decades telling stories. He combines story and song–both American and Irish–to tell folksy and witty tales. Just like the seanchaís of old, Jim tells with a gentle easy-going manner and warmth, which he says is his contribution to keeping this wonderful art-form alive and well. You can hear and meet Jim tomorrow, September 22nd at The Cell Theatre when Jim tells a story of one of the great Irish writers and storytellers of the 20th century, Frank O’Connor. If you haven’t heard Jim, you’re in for a great treat.


Kathleen Frazier
Kathleen Frazier


Here’s what actress Ellen Burstyn said about Kathleen Frazier’s book “Sleepwalker.” “Frazier has a story to tell and she knows how to tell it. I read it in one day…just couldn’t put it down. It’s a terrifying, compelling and fascinating tale that takes us deep into the horrors of sleepwalking and then reveals to us how she managed to end a twenty year nightmare.”
You meet and hear Kathleen read a passage from her book at AWoW’s Showcase. Kathleen will be accompanied by cellist, Serena Jost.



Terry McCarthy
Terry McCarthy


Here’s what Jack Silbert, DJWriter at satin said about singer/songwriter Terry McCarthy. “Terry really turns on the charm on his album, The Charm, with a warm strum and even warmer vocals throughout. With tremendous backing musicians, the record presents a wide variety of sounds, never falling into a folky funk….but the secret weapon is McCarthy’s sharp, melodic songwriting, on Beatlesque tracks such as “Loneliest Boy” and the should-be-a-hit “Just Today.”



Sean Schulich
Sean Schulich

Jazz Review. com calls Sean Schulich’s flute playing “staggering,” and it’s one of the reasons we’re really excited that Sean will be performing for us at AWoW’s September Showcase Sean hails from Woodstock, NY, and after earning his Masters from Yale, he won Artists International, selling out his debut at Carnegie’s Weill Hall. Being a multi-genre musician, he then went on to co-found the fusion group Alpha Mosaic, winning a Sony Jazz Competition.  Sean has played with the Funky Meters, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, the New Orleans Suspects, Bernie Worrell, Meshell Ndegeocello and Zigaboo Modeliste. He’s played Jazz Fest in New Orleans, at The Mint in LA, and at BAM, BB King’s, Webster Hall, Brooklyn Bowl and the Bowery Ballroom here in New York City. Sean’s packed the house several times at The Blue Note’s Late Night Groove Series.


Brian Carbee and Mildred, the barn owl.
Brian Carbee and Mildred, the barn owl.


Brian Carbee is a choreographer, dancer, writer & performer who began his dance career in Cambridge, and has since performed all over the world. His debut feature film script was Accidents Happen, starring Geena Davis. Sarah Carradine is a write & director for theatre & opera, with works ranging from dirty underground cabaret to the stage of the Sydney Opera House. Brian and Sarah will be performing from their play, Perch, in which Perch answers an ad to watch over Susan while she sleeps, and arrives dressed as an owl.


Maeve Price and Don Creedon
Maeve Price and Don Creedon

Maeve Price originates from Dublin, Ireland but now lives in NYC. She has performed in many theaters in Dublin and around Ireland, including its National Theatre, The Abbey. She has performed in plays all over NY and toured the U.S. with a children’s musical theatre company. Recent roles include “Jenny Lind” in the musical Barnum in CO, and “Grainne” in “Devine Intervention,” which debuted at AWoW’s salon last November and was part of a short play series in An Béal Bocht in The Bronx this past April. We’re thrilled that she will be sharing a short piece, she likes to call “Rocky and Me at Maple Grove”.



The Cell Theatre is located at 338 W23rd St., NYC. The doors open at 6:45pm. Hope to see you there. 






Photos from Artists Without Walls’ “Collaboration “Night.”

All photos were taken by Vera Hoar.

The names appear above the photos.


Marni Rice


The audience including Brendan Connellan and John Moran.



Annette Homann



Michele Cetera and Noel Lawlor


Cynthia Neale




Joseph Goodrich


Deni Bonet


Tzila Levy, Niamh Hyland, Kathleen Frazier


The O’Connell Clan



“No question, if you weren’t there, you missed out on the wonderful and talented performances of a fine group of artists.” Vin Nauheimer


Kathleen Frazier opened the AWoW Showcase with a riveting reading from her memoir in progress, Somniloquies: The Mysterious Makings and Recovery of a Sleepwalker. Kathleen described how her somnambulism turned dangerous at adolescence when her oldest brother first attempted suicide – a sort of nighttime mirroring of his waking pain – and her failed efforts to self-medicate with alcohol. Kathleen’s proposal is currently being shopped to publishing houses… fingers crossed.


Jason Kirk and John Moran
Jason Kirk and John Moran

In the words of playwright Arthur Miller, “The audience sat in silence before the unwinding of All My Sons and gasped when they should have…” John Moran and Jason Kirk gave excellent performances as a father and son, bravely grabbing this American classic and wrestling it to the ground. John and Jason asked that we express their gratitude to Artists Without Walls for providing a forum for their development. They said they feel honored to be working with the group’s incredible talent.


Michele Cetera read from “Mickey’s Girl” a section from her monologue memoir. “Mickey’s Girl”  is the poignant story of the night Michele’s father was mugged and murdered in May 1975. Michele searches for closure, left with the feeling she did not have a chance to say a proper goodnight to her father. On Monday night she said it in a very special way, through dance, a gift she received from her mother and father. “Dancing celebrates life and the passion to live it.” Michele said, “On the dance floor, there is always a center and light and its one of the happiest  places to be.” With her dance partner, Harry Dominicci, Michele celebrated her father’s life and finally got to say “I love you and goodnight” to her father through the rhythms and energy of a salsa dance.


Jack O'Connell and Nancy Oda
Jack O’Connell and Nancy Oda

A few months ago, Nancy Oda was part of a scene study group conducted by veteran actor Jack O’Connell. On Monday night Nancy and Jack gave a reading from Eugene O’Neill’s Anna Christie, which they had worked on in the study group. In the scene they chose, Matt tells Anna he has signed onto another ship that will take him far from her, setting off a near deadly confrontation. A dynamic performance by two very talented actors.         


First time performers MbiraNYC enlivened the Showcase and delighted the audience with their soulful harmonies, beautiful melodies and complex polyrhythms. The traditional songs of the shona people from Zimbabwe, played on the metallic prongs of mbira, accompanied by rocking percussion, brought people to their feet in dance. It was a wonderful taste of Zimbabwe in Chelsea.


Michele Cetera and Harry Domenicci dancing to the sounds of MribaNYC
Michele Cetera and Harry Dominicci dancing to the sounds of MribaNYC

Honor Molloy, author of Smarty Girl – Dublin Savage, and marvelous actor Caroline Winterson read “The Deadevens” in which Noleen O’Feeney waits in the Rotunda Maternity Hospital for her mammy to come out from a visit to the doctor. It’s there in the waiting room that a roadwoman shares an Aerobar and tells her an ancient tale Irish endurance. Wonderfully spirited performance by two great talents. 


A scene from Joe Davidson’s play the Rekindling drew plenty of laughs as the foul mouthed Nancy Morris threatened to have her husband  Barney Morris incarcerated by exposing an old secret in a game of emotional ping pong. Nancy Morris was performed by Mary Tierney and her husband Barney Morris was played by actor Ron Ryan. Both actor’s performed brilliantly bringing an unmistakable chemistry and energy to this comical yet tragic marriage.


Ray Lindie
Ray Lindie

Ray Lindie followed with a stirring performance of the opening soliloquy of Richard III. Ray said,  “I think it was probably my best presentation of the piece and I credit the ambiance of the theatre, created by our members and friends, for allowing all presenters the latitude needed for their best performances.” Actress Mary Tierney said, “Best Richard I’ve seen, including some prime-time actors.” Great work.  


Singers/songwriters Tara O’Grady and Sasha Papernik, who recently tourned together in Montana, closed the show.  Sasha, accompanying herself on the piano, sang “Kiss Me Faster” from her upcoming album.   Sasha and Tara then sang a beautiful duet, “Black is the Color” off of Tara’s Celt in the Cotton Club album. And thus, an evening filled with diverse and eclectic talent, ended on the perfect note. 


The next Showcase will be at The Cell Theatre, 338 W 23rd St, October 22, 7pm. For more information about Artists Without Walls write to




Vera Hoar’s photos from the Artist Without Walls’ Showcase at The Cell Theatre, 9/30/13, which featured one brilliant performance after another. 




AWoW favorite, actor Jack O’Connell.




Harry Domenici and Michele Cetera




Jason Kirk and John Moran in a scene from Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons.”




Niall McKay, director of Irish Film New York




Harry and Michele dancing to the soulful sounds of MbiraNYC.




Tara O’Grady listening to Sasha Papernik




Sasha Papernick and Tara O’Grady




 Nancy Oda in a scene from Anna Christie




Richard III’s soliloquy as performed by Ray Lindie.




Kathleen Frazier reading from her memoir “Somniloquies.”




Jack O’Connell in a scene from from Eugene O’Neill’s “Anna Christie.”




The soulful sounds of Zimbabwe from MribaNYC.




Honor Molloy and Caroline Winterson.




Mary Tierney and Ron Ryan in a scene from Joe Davidson’s “Rekindling.”




Matt Keating
Matt Keating

Singer/songwriter Matt Keating is performing at the Living Room, 154 Ludlow St. NY. Wed, July 10th, 8pm.



Kathleen Frazier
Kathleen Frazier

Kathleen Frazier reads from her current project,  Somniloquies, at The Cornelia Street Cafe, 29 Cornelia St. (west of 6th Ave, bet. West 4th and Bleecker) Thursday, July 11th, 2013, 6pm. $8 cash cover, includes a free drink. Reservations suggested (212) 989-9319

Annette Homann
Annette Homann

Annette Homann will be singing and playing the violin on stage for the musical Julian Po, which opens Monday July 8th. There will be six additional performances during the week.  The New York Musical Theater Festival, The Pershing Square Signature Center , 480 West 42nd St. For more info please visit the website: