AWoW MEMBERS "ON THE TOWN" the WEEK of 3/12/15

Paul Byrne and Richard Stillman
Paul Byrne and Richard Stillman

Musician, storyteller and actor Richard Stillman be playing Irish music at the Verona Inn with guitarist Paul Byrne, today, Sunday, 4-7pm April 12 and again on Sunday, April 19th. The music will include vocals, guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin, pennywhistle, concertina, bones, harmonica and bagpipes. The address is: 624 Bloomfield Ave. Verona, NJ. For info. call 973 239 0544.




Jack O'Connell in The Biscuit Club
Jack O’Connell in The Biscuit Club

Opening on April 4th and running through April 25th, Jack O’Connell, will be starring in the World Premiere of The BISCUIT CLUB, Marianne Driscoll’s canine comedy inspired by The Breakfast Club. Directed by Kira Simring. For ticket info click here Use the code awow for discounted tickets.
Ever wonder what goes on in a kennel when people aren’t around? THE BISCUIT CLUB gives audiences a behind-the-bars peek into Bradley’s Bed & Biscuit, a boarding house for dogs. When an aging Bulldog, a jumpy Beagle, a glamorous Shih Tzu, a grumpy Pit Bull, a champion Airedale Terrier and a wide-eyed Labrador pup are locked together for the night, a doggone good time is in store for all.




unnamed-3On Wednesday, April 15th, 7:30pm, at the Irish Arts Center, 553, W51st, St, NYC, Polly Lee will read selections from Norah Vincent’s Adeline and Honor Molloy will moderate a conversation with Norah about Virginia Woolf’s life and art, as well as the creation of Adeline.


“It’s an exquisite book with deep insights into the creative process, Woolf’s inner and outer worlds, and her untimely death.” Honor Molly


For $10 tickets: please call the box office at 866-811-4111 or purchase tickets online by clicking here.




photo-124Brona Crehan’s Moonlight Sonata, starring Grainne Duddy, will be part of a three day short play festival, which also includes a work of Don Creedon’s at An Beal Bocht Cafe, 445, 238th St, Bronx, NY, Thursday, April 16 through Sunday April 19th.





Annette Homann
Annette Homann

Violinist Annette Homann will be one of the violinists playing performing Townsend’s triple violin concerto in following concert:

Washington Heights Musical Society Presents the Music of American Composer Douglas Townsend
Sunday, 19 Apr 2015 – 3:00 PM
Holyrood Episcopal Church, 715 W 179th street, NYC
Suggested donation: $10
For more info click here.





AWoW at Rockwood
AWoW at Rockwood

“Artists Without Walls at Rockwood Music Hall,” 196 Allen St., Wednesday, November 12th, 7:00pm. (Doors open at 6:30) Come and be entertained by Deni Bonet, Warren Malone, Aisha Badru, Jack O’Connell, Tara O’Grady and Sasha Papernik. Tickets $20, members using the discount code $15. Click here to buy tickets now

Sana Musasama
Sana Musasama

Social activist and ceramic artist Sana Musasama‘s show “Whispers and Echoes” is now at Hunter College, at the corner of 68th St. and Lexington Ave., NYC, through November 14th. Visitors will need to get a “guest pass” from the main entrance, next to the enormous black cube. You may then use any entrance to reach the Thomas Hunter Project Space, located in the basement of the Thomas Hunter Building. Visitation by appointment the weeks of October 26-November 14th also available. Please call or email with any questions: or 646.361.3861


Darrah Carr Dance
Darrah Carr Dance

ModERIN: DARRAH CARR DANCE at the Irish Arts Center, November 14 – 16, Friday & Saturday | 8 pm and Sunday | 3 pm.  Featuring Choreographers: Christopher Caines – Darrah Carr – Seán Curran.


“Irish culture embraces the world in works by Darrah Carr.” New York Times


Tickets are $25, but AWoW members receive a $7 discount and pay $18. Write to for the discount code.  Family Shows, $15 Saturday & Sunday | 11 am. For a complete schedule and to buy tickets on line click here or by calling 866-811-411


Renata Hinrichs' "Random Acts"
Renata Hinrichs’ “Random Acts”

RANDOM ACTS, written and performed by Renata Hinrichs, will have its final performance in the United Solo Festival, Friday, November 14th at 7:30. Theater Row 410 West 42nd St., NYC.  Tickets are $19.25 at the door or click here





If you enjoy Joyce’s Dubliners–I embarrassed to tell you how many times I’ve read “The Dead”–then the Irish Arts Center has something for you. On June 28th and June 29th the IAC, in partnership with WNYC is presenting a special live radio play based on Joyce’s book of short stories. Here’s what it’s all about:




First-ever WNYC-IAC collaboration invites you to spend an evening in Joyce’s Dublin


June 28th and 29th


The Greene Space at WNYC and WQXR

in association with Irish Arts Center





We’re thrilled to be partnering with The Greene Space at WNYC and WQXR June 28th and 29th for a special live radio play based upon James Joyce’s much-loved book of short stories Dubliners. The newly commissioned audio play written by award-winning playwright Arthur Yorinks is inspired by four Dubliners’ stories –“Araby,” “Eveline,” “Clay,” and “The Dead.” A company of more than a dozen noted actors will perform all four parts of the play alongside a dozen musicians performing new arrangements of traditional Irish music. The immersive theatrical experience of Joyce’s work will be live-streamed on the web and edited for broadcast and podcasts.



 by painter Jonathan Aiken


Spend an evening in James Joyce’s Dublin, and meet its ordinary–and extraordinary–citizens. 

Saturday, June 28 | 7 pm 

Sunday, June 29 | 4:30 pm

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of James Joyce’s Dubliners, The Greene Space, in association with Irish Arts Center present DUBLINERS: A QUARTET, a newly commissioned audio play written by award-winning playwright Arthur Yorinks and inspired by Joyce’s stories.


Conceived as an immersive theatrical experience, the performance will include an extended intermission featuring culinary delights and drinks from Ireland. The play is drawn from four Dubliners stories-“Araby,” “Eveline,” “Clay,” and “The Dead”-the first three representing the stages of life in Joyce’s work: childhood, adolescence, and maturity. “The Dead” completes the suite.


A single company of noted actors will perform all four parts of the play in one evening in this multi-faceted celebration of Joyce’s work and influence on modern literature in the early part of the 20th-century. Jim Simpson, Artistic Director of The Flea Theater in Tribeca, will co-direct with Yorinks. Edward Barnes, Producing Director of The Collegiate Chorale, will serve as musical director, arranging the traditional Irish music that will be performed live. Sarah Montague will serve as dramaturg.


$45, includes an Irish supper and drinks

Buy tickets online or by calling 866-811-4111


For more information, click here.

at The Greene Space

44 Charlton Street (corner of Varick Street)

New York, NY



imagesActor Jack O’Connell appears in the Coen Brothers’ new film Inside Llewyn Davis, which opened in select theaters on December 6th.  The film opens nationwide on December 20th.





1384233_10202202710136337_960624176_nAedin Moloney and the Fallen Angel Theatre Company invites you to a reading of Desert Lullaby by Jennifer Johnston at the Irish Arts Center, 553, W. 51st St, 7pm.  Directed by Mark Shanahan. Featuring Fiana Toibin, Nicola Murphy, Penny O’Brien, Fergal Titley and Aedin Moloney.   ADMISSION FREE. Fallen Angel is a “not for profit” company and greatly appreciates your donations. To make a donation please check out their website.  Fallen Angel Theatre Company  RSVP




_DSC87091Honor Finnegan is appearing as a special guest for the Just One Angel 2 Tour, at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre, 61 Christopher Street, NYC, Monday, December 9th, 7pm. Honor will be sharing the stage with Christine Lavin and Uncle Bonsai. Aviv Roth will be on guitar. Tickets’ $20. Two drink minimum  For tickets click here



unnamedWho is Darrah Carr?


Artistic Director of Darrah Carr Dance, a New York based Irish dance company that specializes in blending traditional Irish step with contemporary modern dance.  Adjunct Professor of Dance and Irish Studies at Hofstra University.   Ph.D. Candidate in Dance Studies at Texas Woman’s University.  Freelance Writer for a variety of publications including: Dance Magazine, Dance Studio Life, Dance Teacher, Dance Insider and New York Irish Arts .


unnamed-1Do you have upcoming events you’d like people to attend?


Darrah Carr Dance is delighted to be celebrating our 15th Anniversary Season at the Irish Arts Center from November 22 – 24. 


We will be premiering several new works, including one by guest choreographer Seán Curran!  To commemorate our anniversary, Macater Press has published a retrospective artist catalogue of our repertory entitled ” ModErin Contemporary Irish Dance Works-Darrah Carr”  We will be having an Opening Night Reception and Book Launch immediately following our performance on Fri, Nov 22.


What honors have you received?


Most recently, Darrah Carr Dance and guest choreographer Seán Curran were nominated for a 2012 Bessie Award for “Dingle Diwali: Outstanding Production of a Work that Pushes the Boundaries of a Traditional or Culturally Specific Form.”


I’ve also been honored to be named “One of the Top 40 Under 40” by the Irish Echo, “One of the Most Influential Women of 2010” by the Irish Voice, and “One of the Top 100 Irish Americans of the Year” by Irish America Magazine.  Darrah Carr Dance has also received the New York City Comptroller’s Irish Heritage Award.


unnamed-2What is ModErin and how did it develop?


ModERIN is a term that I’ve coined to describe my choreographic interest in drawing from the tradition of American modern dance and the tradition of Irish stepdance in order to create a blended style of contemporary dance choreography.  The fusion of two words – modern (dance) and ERIN (an Irish American reference to Ireland) symbolizes the creative fusion of two dance disciplines as seen in the work of Darrah Carr Dance.  The structure of Irish dance – revealed in its percussive rhythms, its spatial patterns, and its traditional music cycles – provides a wonderful template for modern dance choreography.  Modern dance, in turn, frees the torso from the rigidity of Irish dance and frees the body to work with gravity, to engage in counterbalance and non-gender specific partnering, and to use the floor as an extension of one’s kinesphere.  ModERIN is not just a descriptive term for two styles sharing the same stage side by side. Rather, it is a choreographic principle, a tightly woven marriage of modern dance freedom and Irish dance structure. 


Who are the dancers you admire, past and present?


Seán Curran – our guest choreographer – for his visual wit, exquisite artistry, incredible generosity, and overall boundless energy & enthusiasm. 


Tim O’Hare – for his elegant grace and the bottomless patience that he displayed as my first teacher.


David Parker – for his rhythmic genius.


Michelle Dorrance – for her amazing virtuosity.


Mark Morris – for his intense musicality.


unnamed-3Who is your greatest inspiration and why?


The 55 dancers who have been part of Darrah Carr Dance over the last 15 years are my greatest inspiration.  They brought the choreographic vision to life and their talent and dedication has never ceased to amaze me.  I am especially inspired by the beautiful dancers that I am currently working with for our upcoming season including: Chris Armstrong, Louise Corrigan, Brigid Gillis, Erin Hayes, Timothy Kochka, Caitlin McNeill, Niall O’Leary, Laura Neese, Melissa Padham, Mary Kate Sheehan, and Alexandra Williamson. 


If you could dream of trying something in the arts you haven’t tried, but would like to, what would that be?


I would love to be a singer – although I have an absolutely horrible voice! 


Or – a drummer – which might be a tad more realistic given the rhythmic training that I have in Irish dance. 


What was the best gift that someone gave you that inspired or facilitated an interest in your art?


My parents enrolled me in both Irish dance and ballet lessons as a child.  They dutifully drove me to rehearsals and competitions day in and day out for years on end.  I remain eternally grateful that they laid the foundation for me and encouraged me to explore my passion for dance to the fullest.


Photos from top to bottom:


1) Darrah Carr solo shot.  Photo Credit: Lois Greenfield
2) Darrah Carr Dance – 15th Anniversary Season & Book Launch Information. Photo Credits: Matthew Murphy
3) Darrah Carr Dance performs “Dingle Diwali” our 2012 Bessie Award nomination by guest choreographer Seán Curran.
4) Darrah Carr Dance shot.  Photo Credit: Lois Greenfield


Darrah Carr Dance Website

 Darrah Carr Dance Facebook Page

Darrah Carr Dance Twitter





AwakeningThere is a reception for artist Sana Musasama from 2-5 today, Sunday, at the Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York in the Art Gallery,  Ground Floor–Arts and Science Building–2001 Oriental Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY. Sana’s show “In Reawakening” is running through November 29. 
Seamus Scanlon
Seamus Scanlon






There will be a staged reading of Seamus Scanlon’s The Long Wet Grass in Tivoli New York, Sunday Nov 10th at 6 pm.  Tangent-Arts Theatre








Honor Molloy
Honor Molloy



Honor Molloy will be part of a themed reading “when we were young” hosted by Mr. Devin Doyle, featuring Honor and four other talented writers: John “Chance” Acevedo, Nancy Agabian, Christine Kendall and Anna Voisard. You can find their bios here:  Thursday, November 14th @ 7:30pm at Waltz-Astoria (23-14 Ditmars Blvd)




Irish Traditional singer and Fulbright Scholar Mary McPartlan and legendary jazz pianist Bertha Hope will be performing an evening of American blues, folk, and Irish songs at the Irish Arts Center, 553 W51st St on Thursday, November 14. The concert will see both their styles and history merging together to create a new earthy, colorful and playful canvas for these two genres. Bertha and Mary first met at an Artists Without Walls’ Showcase and they are making their debut at the Irish Arts Center.  Tickets are $30 but AWoW members can click here to order tickets for $20.  The discount can also be redeemed by entering the code manually when buying tickets off the Irish Arts Center site or by mentioning it when calling the box office at 866-811-4111.




unnamedThe Irish Arts Center will be hosting ModERIN: The 15th Anniversary of Darrah Carr Dance with guest choreographer Seán Curran. (Also featuring the book launch of “ModERIN: Contemporary Irish Dance Works – Darrah Carr Dance”).  November 22-24 Friday & Saturday | 8 pm Sunday | 3 pm Family Shows: Saturday & Sunday | 11 am  Opening Night Reception & Book Launch – Friday, November 22nd! *Special $18 discount for AWOW members!  Call: 866-811-4111 or




_DSC87091Honor Finnegan will be performing on Friday, November 15th at the Minstrel Coffeehouse.  She will be opening for John Forster 8:00 pm | $8 Morris County Cultural Center Morris Township NJ 07005 US 973-335-9489.  Honor will be performing on Saturday, November 16th in Concerts at the Crossing.  She will be opening for John Gorka 7:30 pm. 268 Washington Crossing Rd Titusville NJ 08560 US 609-406-1424  Aviv Roth will be joining Honor on guitar. For tickets and reservations, please check their website. 




Russell Crowe said of Artists Without Walls’ members Owen and Moley ‘O Suilleabhain, “I’m a huge fan of size2shoes, (as they call themselves) From the inspired mastery of their harmonies, to the streetwise intellect of their humor. Unique, unaffected, awesome.” 

Owen and Moley
Owen and Moley

I first heard the brothers ‘O Suilleabhain at the Irish Consul General’s residence this past summer.  Owen and Moley offered up a blend of ancient Irish sacred songs with modern pop tunes and mesmerized the audience with a brilliant musical performance. Particularly moving was a Gregorian Latin Chant, “Caminus Ardebat.” I’ve heard the ‘O Suilleabhains a number of times since that first hearing and as they  bridge their musical act into other disciplines and performance opportunities the brothers continue to incorporate a deeper narrative into their performances.


Moley and Owen
Moley and Owen 

This Saturday, February 23, Owen and Moley Ó Súilleabháin  will be at the Irish Art Center for two performances, a special Family Show at 11AM and a concert at 8PM.  Join them as they share their creative sound, layering vocal harmonies, guitars, harmonicas, percussion and strings to create a fusion of Irish folk and hip hop that is utterly delightful. The brothers have been featured in Ireland and America alongside The Chieftains, Bobby McFerrin, Russell Crowe and Sinéad O’Connor.  I wholeheartedly recommend this unique and talented duo. 


For ticket information click here: Irish Arts Center: Moley and Owen


Visit to learn more about size2shoes