Comments heard after Artists Without Walls’ Showcase at The Cell this past Tuesday.
 “The AWoW showcases are always full of creative, surprising and inspiring performances. I was moved by the personal, touching and very clever songs/stories. From the legendary Americana and Irish folklore to the poignant and funny accounts of family legacy and furry members. Bravi to all!!”  Theresa Sareo
“Mick Mcauley’ s performance was  absolutely mesmerizing. I loved it.” Marie Mularcyzk O’Connell
“Last night’s Artists Without Walls’ Showcase was absolutely amazing. Glad to have shared the experience.  The artists including, Eddie Brill, Candice Baranello, Lorraine Berger, Marie Mularczyk O’Connell, Michelle Macau, Dave Keener, Niamh Hyland, Michael Brunnock, and his surprise guest Mick Mcauley, were fantastic.  Thanks Charles and Niamh for once again putting together such a great “Showcase” of talented artists.” Marty Plevel
“The song Niamh and Michael Brunnock wrote and performed…I MUST hear it again!” Tom Myles
“Michelle’s story was such a touching tale and one that needed to be shared. Thank you, Michelle.” Niamh Hyland
Photos by Vera Maura
Lorraine Berger, Candice Baranello and Marie Mularcyzk


Michelle Macau
Michael Brunnock and Niamh Hyland
Charles R. Hale
Eddie Brill
Dave Keener
Michael Brunnock and Mick Mcauley
Mountain Maidens with Michael Brunnock: Lorraine Berger, Candice Baranello and Marie Mularcyzk O’Connell
Mick Mcauley

Vera Hoar’s Photos from the April Showcase

It had been two months since we had an AWoW showcase, and the line-up from our April night just reminded us why we do this every month. On a rainy evening, folks trickled in slower than usual and as they said their hello’s, grabbed a beverage and took to their seats, they switched off the day that had passed and enjoyed 90 minutes of entertainment. From comedy, to poetry, to music and word, we moved through seven performers, closing out the night with our usual buzzing after chat, excited performers, and some new members to add to the fold.

Grateful we continue to have outstanding talent from month to month. Our next showcase is May 23rd.

Marci Geller
Chris Carter and Roger Bartlett
Amira Mustapha
Eddie Brill
Rosaleen Crowley
Kuni Mikami
Carlton Smith and Puma Perl
Niamh Hyland
Charles R. Hale
The Artists Without Walls April 2017 Showcase!