One of the objectives of Artists Without Walls is to “promote members’ careers in the arts, whether they have already established themselves or are at the beginning of their artistic career.” 
With that in mind we’ve created an event called “Night on the Town” when members and friends can support a fellow artist by attending one of our artists’ events. Not only is it a nice show of support, but it’s also an opportunity for members to share an enjoyable evening together.  


imagesAnd so, we’re asking members and friends to join us for Artists Without Walls’ member Sarah Fearon’s comedy performance on March 1, 9:30 at the Metropolitan Room, located at 34 W. 22nd St. in Manhattan. Sarah, along with a select group of top comics, will be performing her latest stand up material, born of her numerous attempts at maintaining sanity in an insane world.


You can call the Metropolitan Room to make reservations at 212-206-0440, (Tell them you are booking to see Sarah Fearon). The weekend shows at the Metropolitan Room sell out fast so don’t wait to make reservations.  Tickets are twelve dollars.


Sarah is a very supportive of other artists and is often seen at members and friends’ events. It’d be great if we could show Sarah the same support she shows others. And, I’m betting it’ll be an evening filled with laughs and merriment. Who couldn’t use a night like that.