Halloween Showcase Photos!

Photos from the Artists Without Walls October 31, 2018 Showcase:

Niamh Hyland, Serena Jost, Theresa Sareo and Vera Maura
Patrick Bamburak and Marty Plevel
Peter Stoopak and Vera Maura
Stephanie Lowry-Ortega
Charles R. Hale
Terry McCarthy and Serena Jost
Serena Jost
Terry McCarthy
Elizabeth Primamore
Patrick Bamburak
Patrick Bamburak and Conor Peacock
Stephanie Lowry Ortega
Pete Kelly
Vincent Cross
Niamh Hyland and Stephanie Lowry Ortega


Photos by Mitch Traphagen and Vera Maura


Niamh and Charles,

I just wanted to drop a line to express my sheer joy attending last night’s performances.

I literally laughed & cried.

Every single performance was given & accepted in such a heartfelt manner. I was proud to be part of this nurturing environment.

Thank you,

Debi Javier


Niamh and Charles,

The ART community is so very lucky to have your dedication, passion and energy in their corner…with or without walls.

Thank you for another really special night at AWoW.    And thank you for continuing to provide this incredible platform where artistic gifts, hugs, tears, laughter and hope are shared.   AWoW ….WOW.
This embracing community of richly talented artists sharing their gifts with us; an appreciative supportive audience , makes Tuesday nights very special indeed.
Each diverse performer brought something that each of us could hold close.   So happy we could be there last night.
All the best,
clyde berger
David Goldman and Niamh Hyland
Peter Nolan and Amanda Mottur
Michael Muller
Jillian Buckley
Charles R. Hale
Niamh Hyland, Cecil Hooker, Charles R. Hale, Michael Muller, Amanda Mottur, Jillian Buckley, Peter Nolan, Sam Adelman, David Goldman, Katrina Crawford and Martha Pinson
Renata Hinrichs
Sam Adelman and Katrina Crawford

Cecil Hooker and Peter Nolan


Feeling inspired…the May 2018 Artists Without Walls Showcase!

Patrick Bamburak and Chris Kudela

By Clyde Berger

What a really special night at Artists Without Walls.
An apt mention by Charles R. Hale: Everyone always leaves feeling good, feeling inspired and buoyed up by the performances and by the people in attendance. Last night I found that to be especially true.‎  I thoroughly enjoyed each performance; and Niamh Hyland and Michael Brunnock are doing such amazing new work!   Love the sound they are creating with the depth of the lyrics and the power of the harmonies and melodies.   Wow.  
Thank you to Charles and Niamh for making last night so special.
And Theresa Sareo…
We have been lucky to see her perform several times in a variety of venues and have had the pleasure of getting to know her at social settings as well… and her story and her strength of character is always riveting.  Add Liv, Patrick, Chris and Brian to the mix and it was one special evening. 
It is the work that you do, and the shows you put on, that keep us always wanting more.‎    And isn’t that what artistic expression is really all about; passing forth a message… and wanting it to not stop there… but to linger on… and want more.
Theresa Sareo


Liv Mammone
Brian Nemiroff
Photos by Vera Maura. The next Artists Without Walls’ Showcase is June 26th, 7:30pm at The Cell Theatre in the Chelsea section of New York City


Mitch Traphagen captured another great night of entertainment at Tuesday’s Artists Without Walls’ Showcase. The next Showcase is on Tuesday, May 22nd, 7:30pm at The Cell, 338 West 23rd St., NYC. 

Deni Bonet and Chris Flynn


Niamh Hyland and David S. Goldman


Joanne Shea and Maeve


Deborah Lohse


John Moran, Deborah Lohse and Joanne Shea


John L Payne and Chima Chikazunga


Charles R. Hale


Comments heard after Artists Without Walls’ Showcase at The Cell this past Tuesday.
 “The AWoW showcases are always full of creative, surprising and inspiring performances. I was moved by the personal, touching and very clever songs/stories. From the legendary Americana and Irish folklore to the poignant and funny accounts of family legacy and furry members. Bravi to all!!”  Theresa Sareo
“Mick Mcauley’ s performance was  absolutely mesmerizing. I loved it.” Marie Mularcyzk O’Connell
“Last night’s Artists Without Walls’ Showcase was absolutely amazing. Glad to have shared the experience.  The artists including, Eddie Brill, Candice Baranello, Lorraine Berger, Marie Mularczyk O’Connell, Michelle Macau, Dave Keener, Niamh Hyland, Michael Brunnock, and his surprise guest Mick Mcauley, were fantastic.  Thanks Charles and Niamh for once again putting together such a great “Showcase” of talented artists.” Marty Plevel
“The song Niamh and Michael Brunnock wrote and performed…I MUST hear it again!” Tom Myles
“Michelle’s story was such a touching tale and one that needed to be shared. Thank you, Michelle.” Niamh Hyland
Photos by Vera Maura
Lorraine Berger, Candice Baranello and Marie Mularcyzk


Michelle Macau
Michael Brunnock and Niamh Hyland
Charles R. Hale
Eddie Brill
Dave Keener
Michael Brunnock and Mick Mcauley
Mountain Maidens with Michael Brunnock: Lorraine Berger, Candice Baranello and Marie Mularcyzk O’Connell
Mick Mcauley

Photos from AWoW September 2017 Showcase

Photos by Vera Maura

This past Tuesday, AWoW presented it’s September showcase. Both newcomers and longtime talent took to the stage to refuel our creative selves as we said adios to the summer and hello to the fall.

Band of Strays performing live at the cell theatre. Artists Without Walls September 2017 Showcase.
The night got rolling with the group the Band of Strays, featuring Louis Ledesma, guitarist Chip Thompson and drummer William Grafton. They warmed us up with a wonderfully eclectic mix of originals and standards. A true standout was their original tune “I Still See You” that lead singer Lou dedicated to his wife. Give a like to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bandofstrays/, so you can stay in tune with their upcoming gigs.
Playwright Elizabeth Primamore shared an excerpt from her ten-minute play Just Fine and Blank, followed by an essay about living the Rock ‘n’ Roll dream. Elizabeth was recently a fellow at The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Colony. Her play, The Professor and Michael Field, achieved the status of semifinalist for the 2017 Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. Loved your performance Elizabeth, looking forward to you sharing more with us in the future!

The sweet harmonies, melodic perfection, and soulful sounds of Theresa Sareo and her band, delighted the AWoW audience. Theresa was joined by bandmates Michael Holland and Clare Cooper. It has been eight years since Theresa performed a full night of her original music and we are beyond thrilled that she is dusting off tunes like Sweet Melina and Still On My Way for her upcoming full band show, October 26th, 8pm, West End Lounge, 955 Broadway at 105th St.Grab your tickets before this one sells out. #Stillonmyway
Writer Richard Vetere took to our stage to play Saint Pedro (Peter) in his new ten-minute play, “The Trump and the 7 Deadly Sins”, directed by M. Grace Sutton. Saint Pedro is questioning The Trump, played by Nick Hardin, on why he thinks he belongs there as he tries to get over the “Wall” into Heaven. Belly laughs rippled through the AWoW audience as Saint Pedro walks through in painful detail why The Trump will be taking a different elevator. The one that will take him to the other capital H. You can support Richard in his upcoming play “Lady Macbeth and Her Lover” which opens at The Directors Company on Thursday, November 2nd.

We were delighted by an impromptu tune from Singer-Songwriter David S. Goldman on Tuesday night. David stepped out from behind the soundboard, borrowed a guitar and effortlessly sang a beautiful rendition of a blues tune. David will be joining our October showcase line-up, where he will share a newly collaborated piece with AWoW Co-Founder Charles Hale. This one is not to be missed and David, we need to hear you SING more!
Shu Nakamura, aka Shu McNamara, played us out on Tuesday night. This man’s incredible ability to cooly play any tune you throw at him, with grace, ease and his own unique style, only minimally speaks to the talent he bestows upon on us everytime he takes the stage. A true gift to collaborate with and a talent that will no doubt be heard on our stage and many, many, many more in the future. : off the charts talent!
Post-show gathering with the artists and the audience…an AWoW tradition.
After the show
After the show
Strays waiting in the wings at the cell.
September featured an incredible line up of amazing talent and great people. We’ll see you in October!



Vera Maura Hoar’s photos from Artists Without Walls’ July Showcase at The Cell, July 25, 2017

Theresa, Sareo, Amanda Thorpe and Serena Jost
Niamh Hyland
Sam Adelman, Craig Fogel and Maleni Chaitoo
Gary Ryan
Charles R. Hale
Christina Jolie Breza and Gabriel Charles
Ron Vazzano
Michi Fuji
Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel