AWOW Video

Artists Without Walls is pleased to provide full and sample videos of AWoW performances via our YouTube Channel, available by clicking here. More artists and performances to come with future plans for live-streaming portions of our monthly Showcases, live from the Cell Theatre in New York City. Stay tuned…

Child prodigy and adult genius Harriet Stubbs in a stunning sample of her performance, Bach / Busoni Chaconne, at the December 21, 2016 Showcase:

Artists Without Walls co-founder Niamh Hyland beautifully singing “Autumn Leaves” and accompanied by musicians of stratospheric talent during the December 21, 2016 Showcase at the Cell Theatre in New York City:

A sample from actors Sedly Bloomfield and Zhana Roiya performing an emotional excerpt from the August Wilson play “Fences” during the August 23, 2016 Showcase at the Cell Theatre in New York City:

Artists Without Walls member and recording artist Deni Bonet appearing with recording artist Mundy at the Artists Without Walls Showcase on September 23, 2014 at the Cell Theatre in New York City:

Why has Artists Without Walls been so successful in creating opportunities for artistic collaboration and attracting performers from all over the globe? Listen to Niamh Hyland‘s rousing TedX presentation at Stormont in Belfast, Ireland and you’ll experience one of the major reasons why.