Niamh Hyland: Co-Founder…and Artist

AWoW Co-Founder Niamh Hyland with Michael Brunnock

Artists Without Walls’ co-founder Niamh Hyland along with longtime collaborator Michael Brunnock, are set to release their first album, entitled “Live to Love.”

Hyland & Brunnock will be holding an album release party at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, on Oct. 25, 2018. Click here for tickets.

As most artists, with or without walls, know all too well, it isn’t easy nor is it cheap to produce art in this era. Hyland & Brunnock have kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to help offset the significant expense of professionally producing their new album.

For information on how you can help, please visit their Indiegogo page here.

For more, check out the following videos!

Photos from the October Showcase

“I had an incredible time tonight performing at The Cell Theatre in New York City with Artists Without Walls! As fate would have it, longtime David Bowie collaborator Mark Plati was on the same bill, and I had the great honor and pleasure to give him a copy of the newly released book that I wrote a piece for called My Bowie Story, arranged by Dale Perry and Mark W. Falzini. Thanks to Mark for his time and wishing him happy reading of the many Bowie memories that he is a part of!”

— Patrick Bamburak

“Thanks so much for having us Niamh…. Beautiful gig in a beautiful space. Looking forward to coming back.”

— Anthony Mulcahy

“A few photos from our Artists Without Walls Showcase last night at the4 Cell Theater. Thanks Vera Maura for these wonderful shots! 🌹.Thanks Charles R. Hale for having us back to play 🎶

— Dina Regine


David S. Goldman and Charles R. Hale
Dina Regine and Mark Plati
Conor Peacock and Patrick Bamburak
Sensible Shoes: Rachel Stern and Anthony Mulcahy
Jim Hawkins
Brendan Connellan
Brendan Connellan and Niamh Hyland
Mark Plati
The presenters at Artists Without Walls’ October Showcase at The Cell: Conor Peacock, Patrick Bamburak, Dina Regine, Mark Plati, Charles R. Hale, Rachel Stern, David S. Goldman, Jim Hawkins, Niamh Hyland, Brendan Connellan and Anthony Mulcahy.

Celebration of AWoW Members

Artists Without Walls’ cofounders Niamh Hyland and Charles R. Hale after receiving awards for “Making a Difference” from Marty Plevel of the New York Says Thank You Foundation and the foundation’s Stars of HOPE initiative. Seen here holding signed copies of Suzanne Bernier’s “Disaster Heroes.” Photo by Vera Maura

The wine flowed freely on Aug. 22 at the cell theatre.

No, it wasn’t an evening of drunken merriment, although there certainly was merriment. The wine was free, as were other beverages and a delicious spread of delicacies, all in celebration of the members of Artists Without Walls.

It was a night of conversations between old friends and new. Early AWoW member Annette Homann returned from her now-home in Berlin and her many friends were able to catch up. Annette also performed with Danny Weller, Shu Nakamura and Artists Without Walls co-founder Niamh Hyland, a preview of their wildly successful show that would take place the following night.

As AWoW Member Marty Plevel said on Facebook, “Thanks again Charles R. Hale and Niamh Hyland for all you have done and will continue to do for all of the artists and other members of the Artists Without Walls community and The New York Says Thank You Foundation and the foundation’s Stars of HOPE initiative. You truly are making a huge difference. Love is stronger than hate! #LoveWins #HopeProvidesTheLight.”

The Artists Without Walls Anniversary Celebration was a night to connect and reconnect, to laugh, to enjoy incredible live performances (of course, it’s AWoW!) and an emotional reminder to Artists Without Walls members, from all corners of the city, the nation and the globe, that Charles R. Hale and Niamh Hyland created something unique, powerful, empowering, eminently enjoyable and positive in Artists Without Walls. If “membership has its benefits,” the benefits of Artists Without Walls are far too numerous to quantify. To quote Marty Plevel, “Love is stronger than hate; Hope provides the light.”

On August 22 at the cell theatre, love and hope were the natural themes.

Photo of Annette Homann by Vera Maura from the Artists Without Walls’ Annual Celebration at The Cell.
Cecil Hooker, Amanda Mottur and Peter Nolan performing at Artists Without Walls’ Annual Celebration at The Cell Theatre. Photo by Vera Maura
Sedly Bloomfield in relax mode. Photo by Vera Maura.
How great are these ladies! Lynnell Herzer, Suzanne Bernier and Zofia Stefanowicz at The Cell Theatre this past Tuesday. Photo by Vera Maura
Kathleen Bennett Bastis. Photo by Vera Maura
Sedly Bloomfield and Annette Homann at The Cell theatre. Photo by Vera Maura
Mountain Maidens. Photo by Vera Maura
Marty Plevel. Photo by Vera Maura
Patrick Bamburak. Photo by Vera Maura
Shu Nakamura. Mitch Traphagen Photo
Mitch Traphagen Photo
Artists Without Wall co-founder Niamh Hyland performing with Annette Homann and Shu Nakamura during the Artists Without Walls anniversary celebration. Mitch Traphagen Photo
Mitch Traphagen Photo
One of Artists Without Walls’ biggest boosters, the inimitable Joe McElligott. Remind us, Joe, what were you singing here?
Annette Homann and Shu Nakamura. Mitch Traphagen Photo

Vera Hoar’s Photos from the April Showcase

It had been two months since we had an AWoW showcase, and the line-up from our April night just reminded us why we do this every month. On a rainy evening, folks trickled in slower than usual and as they said their hello’s, grabbed a beverage and took to their seats, they switched off the day that had passed and enjoyed 90 minutes of entertainment. From comedy, to poetry, to music and word, we moved through seven performers, closing out the night with our usual buzzing after chat, excited performers, and some new members to add to the fold.

Grateful we continue to have outstanding talent from month to month. Our next showcase is May 23rd.

Marci Geller
Chris Carter and Roger Bartlett
Amira Mustapha
Eddie Brill
Rosaleen Crowley
Kuni Mikami
Carlton Smith and Puma Perl
Niamh Hyland
Charles R. Hale
The Artists Without Walls April 2017 Showcase!