“Jillian Buckley had us spellbound with her beautiful poems straight from her heart; she delivers with a disarming innocence. Her writing is wise and touchingly emotional far beyond her years. A poet surely on her way to wider and wider acclaim. We can’t wait to have her back.” David Goldman, singer/songwriter

“Listening to Jillian’s poetry was wonderful. We all witnessed the combined power of a young talent emerging with deep vulnerability, truth, and sincerity.” Martha Pinson, Filmmaker/Director


And we received this from John Buckley, Jillian’s father:

“I can’t express enough my appreciation for the opportunity for Jillian to perform, but even more so the opportunity for her to experience the artistic environment that was provided.    As I’ve mentioned to many people it is one thing for her to hear from Mom & Dad or friends how great we think her writing is, but for her to share it and hear from fellow artists means so much more.

And I could tell (from a distance) that the conversations she had afterwards with fellow performers were not perfunctory “Oh, you were good…” but legitimate feedback and conversation with her.


Your website suggested that you had very talented performers, but I must admit I was really impressed with the quality and diversity of talent that performed.   While Jillian probably would have performed the same no matter what, I was happy you placed her second because after your opening act I wondered if any pressure was building up in her to perform at that level.  And then to have Niamh follow her and say “Tough to get up and speak after that performance” brought even more tears to my eyes.

I know Jillian enjoyed the experience and the conversations, and I hope she uses it as a springboard to search out additional artist venues/workshops to continue her development. It is through opportunities like this that she will grow and determine where she wants to go with her writing;   the more exposure to different environments will only help her in her journey.

Thank you again for the opportunity;   greatly appreciated.   Looking forward to the next gathering.



Photos by Mitch Traphagen