Artists Without Walls YouTube Channel

Artists Without Walls is pleased to announce the premiere of its Youtube Channel. You can get to our Youtube site by clicking here.   You’ll find three videos that we’ve posted; we’ll be adding a few more this weekend.  After each Showcase and upcoming events we will be adding new videos of our artists.  


Here’s a sample. Hope you enjoy it. 




4 Replies to “Artists Without Walls YouTube Channel”

  1. Fantastic! Congrats Charles Hale & Niamh Hyland. I thoroughly enjoyed the salon on 8/26/14.

    1. Thanks, Maura. Nice seeing you too.

  2. Judy laine. says:

    Smiles to you both. Charles,thank’s so much for all your music tips,great story telling,and much more. It makes me so happy!

    1. Thanks so much for those kind words, Judy. I really appreciate that, as does Niamh.

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