One of the objectives of Artists Without Walls (AWoW) is to build a multicultural community that springs from “creative chemistry.” By enabling the exchange of ideas, methods, and creative concepts by connecting people of various cultures and communities who can learn from each other and collaborate to create something new.


A few months ago, after meeting at an AWoW event, brothers from Ireland, Owen and Moley Ó Súilleabháin teamed up with the dynamic spoken word poet from Nigeria, Koro Koroye. They performed new works that bring together Latin Gregorian chant and sacred songs from ancient Ireland with poems-some in Koro’s ancient tribal language–and her contemporary themes of identity and individual expression. In this video, ideas of family, home, migration, self-discovery and transformation are seamlessly presented in a dynamic performance that honors tradition and rejoices in innovation.


We feel that this performance is most representative of Artists Without Walls’ mission.


Owen O Suilleabhain, Koro Koroye, Moley O Suilleabhain

Owen O Suilleabhain, Koro Koroye, Moley O Suilleabhain


One thought on “"AVE MARIA": MOLEY, OWEN and KORO

  1. They are wonderful. Can’t wait to see these three perform again.

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