th-6Who is Salina Sias?


If you were recording this interview, I’d be laughing.  And then, maybe, laughing some more.  The tough question first? That’s the name I was born with; I’ve only been using it professionally a few years. I have a new stage name waiting in the wings, but that’s still a secret.


A notable producer and new friend once said to me, “If you’re born 7 feet tall, you play basketball. If you’re born feeling everything too deeply, you create.”


I’ve been singing since I was 8 and writing all kinds of nonsense since 12.


image_3456169.jpgDo you have upcoming events you’d like people to attend?


I’m in recording mode, yet I do have a set coming up on Thursday, June 13, 8PM at Two Moon Art House & Cafe. I’ll be performing along with this great duo from California, David and Olivia, in celebration of their album release. Info/Details/Updates on my social media page: Salina Sias Music Facebook Page


What is/are your favorite songs/albums?


In this moment without thinking too hard, because then I would go on and on:

  • Adagio for Strings (Barber)
  • Air on a G String (Bach)
  • What a Wonderful World
  • God Bless the Child
  • Les Triplettes de Belleville Soundtrack 
  • Tom Waits’ Mule Variations 
  • Eminem’s The Eminem Show 
  • And many, many more….



salina rockwood Andrea wattsWho are the songwriters you admire?


Tom Waits, The Bee Gees, Mercer, Gershwin, Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos, I could ramble on…and currently I’m admiring Anna Ternheim from Sweden.



Who is your greatest inspiration and why?


People inspire me; the connections I make inspire me.

My children.  Above all else, they breathe new life into mine every day.


1357756239_Salina_RockwoodWhat are the top five things you’d like to accomplish in the next five years?


Mount an episodic play I began writing in 2001

Write a song I can sing with a youth chorus

Write & record a few songs in Spanish

Perform in places I’ve never visited

Sing/Collaborate with more great singer-songwriters

Buy a house (Shoot. You asked for five.)



6884681104_c85bebabec_zIf you could dream of trying something in the arts you haven’t tired, but would like to, what would that be?


Audition for SNL

I do have some experience in comedic acting.  But still.  SNL.


What was the best gift that someone gave you that inspired or facilitated an interest in your art?


Encouragement.  From one teacher.



Salina Sias Website 

Salina Sias Facebook Page