Who are Owen and Moley O Suilleabhain?

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     Owen and Moley are brothers from County Limerick and singers of varying styles, from Irish Rap to Gregorian Chant to Irish Sean Nos song.  Owen and Moley’s original songs have garnered much attention from some stellar performers. Among them are English violinist Nigel Kennedy, who invited the brothers on tour, and Russell Crowe who is the executive producer of their current album ‘Happy Songs’.


What are you working on at the moment? 


     Two albums on the way! One ‘Folk Songs’ and another which is forthcoming  is called ‘Sacred Songs’. We’ve just launched a new website too! www.owenandmoley.com


Do you have upcoming events you would like people to attend?


     We’ll be at The Cell Theatre performing with Artists Without Walls Showcase on March 26th.  Come join us. 


What are five things you can’t live without? 



     Potatoes, pseudo academic insights, cooking (potatoes),  our “Irish Mammy,” and singing.


Your favorite quote at the moment and why?


     “How good can you stand it,” is a really good mantra, which really dares one to realize and manifest the good things that are about to happen to us all! RECEIVE IT!


Who have you always wanted to work with and why? 


     We have always wanted to work with Paul McCartney. We find his songs inspirational. Bono wouldn’t be bad, either.


moleyowen3If you had the opportunity to ask someone when you were starting out for advice, who would you have asked and what would you have asked? 


     We would have asked all the wrong questions to the wrong person.


If you could dream about trying out something you haven’t tried out in the arts yet, what would that be?


     We want to set up a circus, and we want to work with a top class choir. We want to perform a month long stint in Las Vegas. Also a full orchestra would be cool…


What was the best gift that someone gave you that inspired or facilitated an interest in your art.


     Collaboration is really the gift that was given to us. We were lucky enough to hang and jam with some amazing musicians over the years, which gave us the ability and confidence to improvise and show our talents in high pressure, but informal environments. The time that people gave us and continue to give is  inspirational!


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  1. Thanks so much for this Charles, and all at Artists Without Walls – what a great forum you have opened up for us all!!!

    • And it’s a great pleasure having talented guys like you as part of the group. Thanks for the good word.

  2. We love Owen and Moley – how perfect that Artists Without Walls is collaborating with you!!

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