By Vera Hoar

Paul Bevan and Vera Hoar

Thanks to Artists Without Walls, its members and friends, for the warm welcome and for the constant well wishes throughout my journey into the dark wood. The gratitude you’ve all expressed for my contribution at the celebratory year end show meant more than you could know. Very uplifting, like coming out into the light and into AWoW’s great wide open!.

Spending an evening listening to musical genius and mind turning, heart shifting spoken word, then joining in the boisterous afters in the good company of the talented performers, mentors and patron members and AWoW’s arts’ loving audience was the best pre-Holiday, recuperative gift!.

Thanks everyone for handing me your unwieldy cornucopia filled to the brim with stellar performance, good cheer, loving friendship and motivation! No doubt about it, in these doubt filled times, there’s joy and solace to be found in the simple knowledge that the arts are alive and well and that each and every month at The Cell’s wonderful up-front-and-personal stage, Artists Without Walls will continue to elevate the human experience through artistry, creative collaboration and camaraderie..



Niamh Hyland, Vera Hoar and Charles R. Hale

Rebekah Butler

Niamh Hyland

Harriet Stubbs

Laura Neese

Elsa Nilsson

Jim Hawkins

Saul Simon, Tom Myles, Pandora MacLean-Hoover, Vinnie Nauheimer, Joe McElligott, Maura Kelly, Gary Ryan, Charles R. Hale, Mary Tierney

Noah Hoffeld

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